What motivates me to keep creating and drawing personally?

Photo by Mikechie Esparagoza on Pexels.com

Hello readers,

As you know drawing for me is something that is therapeutically good to maintaining a healthy mind. It allows me to express myself freely on paper from things I might have trouble telling people in words. That is where I use drawing to alleviate my stressors. A part of that is that I do gain satisfaction from being generous as well after finishing my art and giving them away since that is what I like. In this blog, I will share what motivates me to keep drawing on days when I don’t feel like it.

Drawing at first can be something that is good every now and then until you start to loose the passion you had in the beginning. That is when you need to start defining your goals to get an idea of what direction you want to achieve. Somethings that I do is first remind myself that I want to improve my art when I am drawing. When you notice that there is always someone better than you at art you can start to see more possibilities of improving by practicing more and more. To set some goals you must question if your goal is something that is realistic, achievable and challenging. To learn more about goal making in more detail you can watch this video explanation.

Great you know how to correctly set your goals. Now what? You have set what you want to achieve in the long run and that will be good since you can go back to define “why” if you forget. Another step that you also need to do is to create a plan in your calendar so that you can commit to working on the goals you want. You can also click on this link on how artists schedule their plans to find out how to set this up.

How I get personally motivated to create drawings is from the interest in the topic I am drawing about. For example I enjoy watching anime since I like the character development and the story. That means that my art I made is anime. Seeing art in motion influences me to draw more because the power of storytelling. If you define what kind of art you enjoy, you can identify what drives you to like drawing. If you are interested in learning more about drive and motivation you can read this article by David J Rogers to understand that what drives you personally can be important to keep drawing.

Drive and Motivation: The Creative’s Urge to Produce Works of Art

Lastly I can say that most of your critiques -if you are lucky to get them, will be more positive. However we tend to dwell more on the negative ones. To avoid this, I suggest that you shouldn’t waste your time with them and instead do something that you enjoy. Keep in mind that having people that support you are the ones that think about you the most so don’t take your critiques too personally.

What kind of critiques have you gotten that you didn’t like? Comment down below! Also please follow me on twitter if you haven’t yet. Thanks for reading.

2 responses to “What motivates me to keep creating and drawing personally?”

  1. I enjoyed reading this comprehensive and prescriptive post that is designed to help people stay motivated to do their artwork. I’m sure it will belpful to your readers. Thanks also for including a link to my post “Drive and Motivation: The Creative’s Urge to Produce Works of Art.”

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    • Hello thank you for your comment, I appreciate that you enjoyed my tips about staying motivated! and also no problem I found it helpful that your post goes into depth about what I am talking about as well.


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